Island of Temptation

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By: Claire Thompson



Survivors of a cruise shipwreck, two men are thrown together in a desperate struggle to survive. Sam Jamison knows he’ll have to keep a tight rein on his rising passions, as Donovan McNair is straight as an arrow—or so Sam assumes.

Though they won’t let each other give up hope of discovery by a passing ship or plane, each passing day takes them further from the easy existence they once knew. Each man must find the inner strength and courage to continue in the face of possible permanent exile. With no idea if or when they’ll be rescued, Sam and Donovan forge a bond far stronger than mere friendship.

Experiencing a freedom not possible back in the real world, desire boils over, inhibitions melt away and passion burns bright. Sam takes Donovan on an erotic journey into the world of m/m love. Can such intensity survive beyond the sandy shores of their tiny tropical paradise?

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