A Plug for the Girls Next Door

By Poison Ivy,

Virtually next door, that is. We list Smartbitchestrashybooks.com as a link on our sidebar, and I hope you have gone visiting sometime. It’s a fun site with lots of snark about silly covers and sillier romances. And there is plenty of thoughtful debate about romance, from people who ought to know because they write it and read it. And like me, they care about it.

Although women make up the majority of book readers, and romances make up the majority of fiction sold, sometimes the romance sensibility feels like it’s a minority world view. So if you’re hanging out on the web looking for your posse, make it a habit to regularly visit sites where romance is respected, and also dissected. I try to do that here, but I’m not the only person blogging about romance. Although—ahem!—I did just win second place in “Rename That Book: A Smart Bitch Contest.”

It’s right next door. No need to dress up or bring cookies. Just come as you are.