Helen A. Grant

Helen A. Grant


Helen A. Grant lives in the county of South Yorkshire, England. Having been introduced to Jane Austen novels while in high school she developed a life-long passion for history and historical novels.

With two grown children who have now left home and a lots of storyline ideas Helen has now found the time to pursue her dream of writing historical novels. Helen is now retired from her work as a community nurse with people with learning disabilities.

Visit her website at https://sites.google.com/site/helenannettegrant/home.

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Readers can contact Helen via e-mail at helenannettegrant@gmail.com.


Praise for Helen A. Grant’s In Pursuit of Miriam

“…A sweet romance saturated with Regency charm,” — Lucy Monroe, USA Today best-selling 
and award-winning author.

“…An enjoyable read. Anyone who likes historical romances 
or Downton Abbey type story lines will enjoy 
this Regency Romance”— Goodreads review

“A light, amorous funny love story…— Ms.AliCatSays



The Earl of Ice by Helen A. Grant, Author of In Pursuit of Miriam

“Another romantic charmer from Helen A. Grant with Regency characters that intrigue. — Romance Addict Book Blog

The Earl… with coldness in his eyes and ice in his heart. He will never surrender to love.

The Lady… young, vibrant and alive. She will keep his secret, but only to free his heart.

The passions of the Regency period smolder in this new romance from Helen A. Grant.

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