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Dr. Laurence Cole enjoys living life to the fullest with his wife and family and his research. The holder of several cancer marker patents, Dr. Cole sees a connection between cancer and all human evolution. In his autobiography, Larry’s Left Side he writes, “The strange part of the human evolution story is that the same super-human growth factors that were used to super-advance placentation to accommodate humans and the human brain, are those also used by human malignancies to advance cancer cell growth and malignancy.”

A devout practicing Jew, Dr. Cole, whose research work was instrumental in several pivotal discoveries in the fields of cancer research, and the roots of pregnancy miscarriages and preeclampsia, writes, “How did I survive stroke and coma? How did I manage to retrain my brain? How did I manage to establish myself in research? I put it all together and can only come up with one answer: it was God’s plan, of course.”

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