Dating Stories

Dance disaster

by def22tones, Holden, MA
My story is from High School. I should have known from the start that it wouldn't work out between us: he was this rough-and-tough friend of mine that was always getting into trouble at school (detent…
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Datin’ and drinkin’

by Margo-rine, San Mateo, CA
Many years ago, when I was in my twenties, I dated this guy who seemed perfect--good-looking, college-educated and intelligent. I was so pleased with him that I invited him to my family's big Thanksgi…
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by carolw2112, gansevoort, NY
I was 56, recently divorced after 33 years of marriage and trying my hand at the new and exciting world of internet dating. I had several local gentlemen respond and I decided to at least meet them al…
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Dinner date disaster

by larry, Westerville, OH
In my younger days, I belatedly canceled a date with a girl by telling her that I was sick. Then I went out later with another "hottie," who was more appealing to me. We went to a fancy restaurant …
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The two-faced turkey (or does that make him a pig?)

by schnoodle, highland village, TX
This Thanksgiving we were supposed to be in St. Lucia renewing our wedding vows. He'd "vowed" to renew them because the last two years had been marred with little hints of infidelity - all of which he…
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Mr. Perfect

by SUMAY, Mission Viejo, CA
I was dating Mr. Perfect. He was tall, intelligent, handsome, passionate, retired and only 39! We met on a blind date, in a parking lot outside a local restaurant, we had the most romantic Italian din…
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by Bruce, Russell, MN
I have made turkey for holidays for years. I even provided the candles and wine as we sat down to eat there was no recognition of the soft lights and the great smell only that it sure took as long tim…
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by tiffnat, Irondale, AL
Many years ago my girlfriend set me up on a date with her brother. Oh my gosh, this was the worst date that I had ever had! First he took me out to eat--White Castle--where he ordered for us-one tiny …
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Movie or moving on

by Caryl, Banning, CA
Had a blind date to an afternoon show. Got there and the man (a high school musical director) showed up a half-hour late. The theater (small town) didn't accept credit cards--cash only. He had enough …
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Holiday fruit

by Christine, Morris Plains, NJ
It was the Christmas season. My husband and I don't have a ton of money, and what little we have we always spend on the kids. My husband had been saving a little extra money and wanted to get me a sma…
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