Anyone for seconds?

by mtngal113, Broadway, VA

In the fall of 1980 when I was a mere 16 years old, I decided that I would do the honors and host my boyfriend’s parents and boyfriend at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. I had never done a turkey before but thought that two years in home economics would surely pay off. I washed off the turkey and baked it according to the label on the package and it looked beautiful when I pulled it from the oven. I presumed the evening was going along well until I went to carve the turkey. I cut the breast meat fine and went to cut the darker meat at the bottom of the turkey when I noticed some paper. When I took the fork to pull on it the whole bag of neck, gizzards and livers came out. My face turned red and we all had quite a laugh. It still gets mentioned with my now husband and his family.