Blind date nausea

by Tangee43, Middletown, DE

I moved to Delaware and I didn’t know a soul, so I took a leap of faith and agreed to a blind date. I was really surprised when the “date” was an evening on his little fishing boat, which I had never done before. I was nervous, but trying to be a good sport. I was fine at first, but when he stopped the boat to fish out on the water, it just kept rocking…and rocking…and rocking… I had to lie down on the bench and take deep breaths. Clearly, the disappointment with my lack of sea legs was evident on his face as he looked at me in disgust. He came over to tell me that lying down would just make it worse…and I lost my lunch on his deck shoes. He finally heard (or felt) that I couldn’t take it any longer and he headed back to the docks. As soon as I stepped off the boat, he said “Good luck driving home” and set out again without a backward glance. I never heard from him again.