My date brought a blind date for me

by TES283, Davenport, FL

I used to work at Disney and could get three people inside the park for free.

I met this cute guy and when he asked where I worked, I told him. He was thrilled because it had been years since he went. When I told him one of the benefits was getting up to three people in for free, he asked if I would get him and two friends in. Sure, it sounded great. Besides, you can tell a lot from the friends a guy keeps.

Well, the day arrived. His friends were a guy and girl. OK, I thought, now it was more like a double date. Only problem was the guy I liked, who I thought was going to be MY date, had on the insistence of his girlfriend brought the other guy along to be my date. Very awkward. The only romantic gesture came from the thoughtfulness of the girl who thought to at least bring a date for me.