Double dipping

by michelena2000, Dallas, TX

As most of you know, the Homecoming dance is one of the most exciting times in a gal’s life. I was in the TAG program, and therefore associated with many other TAG students from other schools. The quarterback of a neighboring town invited me to his homecoming. I was elated. It was a strange evening, because he left for periods of time only to return with some lame excuse. I finally found out that he had invited another gal to the homecoming dance and was double dipping us! It was a huge stadium, so he never thought he would get caught. I wondered why he told me I had to meet him there since he had to go to see his sick grandmother prior to the dance. SUCKER! But being the sleuth detective I am, I finally started following him and found him dancing with his other date. Now if that guy isn’t a turkey, then no one is!