Happy medium

by neet, Anderson, IN

It was New Years Eve 2003 the night everyone wants someone to kiss. I had briefly met this gentleman. We will call him Mike. Now Mike seemed very sweet. We had talked on the phone several times. He asked me to bring in the New Year with him. It seemed like a great idea.

Girls, listen up. Since I did not know him I drove to meet him at a night club where we would ring in the New Year together. Good advice for anyone male or female. If you do not know them meet in a public place and have an escape route planned, just in case.

At first things went well. He was very charming and generous. Since it was a party night I had told my friends where I would be celebrating. I also told Mike that a few of my friends might be joining us.

Sarah and John arrived about an hour after we had begun our evening. Things still seemed liked they were going well. As we are sitting at the table relaxing and talking over cocktails, he begins to change. I don’t mean like the Incredible Hulk but to change into a fortune teller of sorts.

I should reveal here that I do believe in the supernatural and I believe some people have gifts but there is a time and a place for this kind of thing and a first date is not one of them. He tells Sarah that she is going to have another child. Which is news to her since she already has 3 children and had a tubal to make sure that she only has 3. He turns to John and gets a bit distressed. He tells him “you have a very dark side.” As for me, I guess he got a good vibe, or we would not have been out with me. He didn’t say anything about me or my future.

We were all sort of sitting there for a few minutes, mouths agape, wondering what was next when I decided that the date was over. It was just a bit much for a first date. If you are a medium you might want to feel people out before you start giving them an unsolicited reading. It was just bizarre. Even for my life.

We all left and I never heard from him again. The irony of the story is that Sarah has been talking about adopting a child from another country. John, we found out, has mental problems and a mean side so we don’t speak anymore. So, Interestingly enough Mike may have been blessed with the gift of vision but cursed with bad timing. It felt weird at the time and as the years have passed and it seems as though some of it, if not all of it was true. It ruined the date. It is in bad taste to bust something like that out on a first date. Always remember to have an escape route!