Hidden truth

by lyn, anthony, FL

I had been divorced about a year when I accepted a date from my insurance salesman. He really wasn’t my type, but he was persistent, and I was lonely.

He took me out to dinner, and it was relatively uneventful. Except when it became time to pay for the meal. He said he was twenty dollars short, and would I mind helping with it. I couldn’t believe it, as we hadn’t discussed going Dutch. But, I gave him the money and forgot about it.

Then, it was kind of late so I told him I’d just go home, but would he take me by Walmart to pick up something my daughter needed for school the next day. He gave me a strange look but agreed. When we got to the parking lot, he pulled in and quickly ducked down and said, could you please hurry, I just saw someone I owe some money to. “Good grief,” I thought, this man is psychotic. I went on into the store and purchased what I needed. On my way out, I saw him peek out then quickly duck again. “This is enough”, I thought, so I opened the door and demanded to know what was up. At this point I asked him if he was married and although he didn’t admit it, his expression said it all. What a creep!!!! I called a cab and went home.