Jaws say no!

by cslmwt, Grand Prairie, TX

Back in the seventies, during the “Jaws” craze, my then high school boyfriend was determined to catch a shark. One weekend he talked me into going to the coast to fish. The sun was going down when we got to the beach and he hurriedly prepared for his hunting of “Jaws.” Setting a two man raft in the water, he had me sit in it and began handing me big plastic bags of pig’s blood, then topped those off with a good size fish fed through the hook on his deep sea fishing rod. He pulled the raft out into the water quite a ways and then to my horror began spreading the blood in the water around us, with him still in that water! I swear I heard the music from Jaws begin to play! Plastic bags still filled with blood went flying as well as his baited hook and I began frantically paddling back to shore! Talk about silly and in love. That ended that relationship!