The liar, the witch, and the war zone

by ChellesHill, Caldwell, OH

I had always heard that, “the hardest thing to do is to watch the one you love, love someone else”, but I had no idea of how true that was until October 21, 2001. It was the morning of my third year of being with my fianc�. He was already at work when I awoke and I was enjoying my morning coffee.

While roaming around the house, picking up here and there, I found a tape out of place. It looked unfamiliar and was simply labeled “L”. I wondered what it was and popped it in the player. To my surprise and heartbreak, it was my fianc� doing the deed with another woman.

I was furious to say the least and was crying my heart out when I called my best friend. She came right over and tried her best to calm me and assure me that it was probably something that happened before I met him. There was no date on the tape.

Well, I let curiosity get the best of me and had to see if this man, that I loved, performed the same way with another woman as he did me. As we watched we could hear the radio playing in the background. We determined from the information on the radio that this tape had been made at least 11 days prior to my viewing it. My heart broke but then a disgust for this man set in.

We had worked together at the time and I knew personal calls were only allowed for emergencies; so I lied. When he took the call, I asked him how long he had been sleeping with someone else. His reply, “I’m not and why on earth would you think that sweetheart?” My reply, “I found the tape and I am giving her husband a copy.” I knew the husband, and her, because they worked with us, also. This made for a three-ring circus act at work of course, which ultimately led to my resignation.

After viewing this tape, I packed all my belongings and left. He had me charged with theft. It took me an entire year to have this thrown out on the basis that I lived in the house so I was entitled to any items in the house.

The woman in the tape was the mother of his son. The tape as it turned out was purchased by the husband for my fianc� to tape his son’s birthday party. During the course of the court case, he would continue to ask me out. Where he got his nerve I will never know. He would cry on the stand. This was my battleground. I testified, “I did what any woman would have done.” Which is copy the tape and give it to the husband. Create havoc in her life. I won that war. He is married now. I have no feelings about that other than – I hope she doesn’t let curiosity get the best of her.