Movie or moving on

by Caryl, Banning, CA

Had a blind date to an afternoon show. Got there and the man (a high school musical director) showed up a half-hour late. The theater (small town) didn’t accept credit cards–cash only. He had enough for one ticket. I bought my own. Then he says, “want a popcorn,” I said, “thought you had no money.” He said, “I don’t thought you might like to buy your own popcorn.” I did. He ate almost all of it. After the movie he said to me, you are nice looking, BUT you need to lose weight and wear your hair different! He was chunky himself. “How about going to eat?” I thought ok. We went to his pick, Indian food, do not like it but I found something to eat. He chewed with his mouth open and ate with his fingers, the custom in this restaurant which was ok I guess.
After lunch he said how about us going and get a drink. Ok, so we get there–so dark you could not see and in 10 minutes he drank four shots. I had a coke, knew I had to drive after that. After the 6th shot I said I have to go. He slurred, “can you drive me home?” I said, “I will drive you to my car and you can get a taxi.” He asked me to go to dinner with him again right after he bet me I could not lose 10lbs in the two weeks before he saw me again… to go EAT!! I decided to eat alone and enjoy my meal oh, and I lost 10lbs. and bumped in to him a few weeks later, only for him to tell me I was too tall for him, (did I care) NOT!!
The funniest part is that after that I dated his best friend, polite, good looking, good personality, and sober!! I did not know they were friends and he liked me just the way I was. Moving on was the best thing I ever did.