Mr. Perfect

by SUMAY, Mission Viejo, CA

I was dating Mr. Perfect. He was tall, intelligent, handsome, passionate, retired and only 39! We met on a blind date, in a parking lot outside a local restaurant, we had the most romantic Italian dinner at a small restaurant on the beach. Everything was great. We talked about children, wanting to move to Spain, our travel plans…. it was great until 1 month later. He took me to his vacation home. We had a great time together except that he wanted to have sex, which I was not quite ready for. He said, “well you already have a child,” so you are no virgin.” At that moment he made me feel angry, low, and then kept talking about how he felt like I didn’t love him, didn’t show I cared, so I agreed to give him have “pity sex” to calm him, he begged so much.

The foreplay was great, he played with me, caressed every part of me, kissed every spot in my body, made me feel loved, I felt so high, so alive. With each deep breath, I could feel the tingling of my body, the flutter in my stomach, the pulsation between my legs, my legs are now shaking from excitement, then I undressed him, only to find a pencil-like unit. I say, “pencil-like” thin – approx. 2 fingers thin, approx. 4 inches short, it didn’t matter, that is what we women say, it’s the way we use it. It didn’t matter because I was already wanting it….so I thought. It was such a CRUSH to not be able to feel it, not be able to feel his pulsations, not being able to enjoy his passion. After this, the romance was gone and we broke up. We are still friends, but never talk about the night romance died.