My halloween turkey

by 12win, Etta, MS

A guy friend of mine talked me into going to a “haunted house” that a local charity sponsored as a fund raiser every year for Halloween. This guy was known to be a bit of a sissy but I found out just how chicken he was that night. The place was full of werewolves, witches, vampires, ghosts, and chainsaw-wielding villains. All of them were doing their best to be scary. I guess it worked too well. This guy was going through the house with me and two older women. He got scared and made me go first through all of the mazes. I would sneak behind him just for laughs and he would stop and refuse to go any further when he realized he was in the lead. He also screamed like a little girl. Mind you, we were teenagers and not young kids. This sweetie has just gotten his driver’s license and that was the first place that he had went to celebrate his new freedom!

The other funny thing besides my chicken companion???? The mean, vicious werewolf in the really scary getup with bright blue joggers on his feet!