No Rocky!

by WinGloria, Esmont, VA

I met this gentleman at a bar where I worked. He told me was a professional boxer. He was really broad, tough looking, and looked as though he came from central casting. I was flattered to be asked out. I met him at a nice restaurant. He walked in with a bodyguard. I smiled at him and realized the guard wasn’t leaving. He stood directly behind the boxer. Well, I made small talk with this first date of mine. He let me order first. I asked for the prime rib, salad etc. He ordered a small salad. I was surprised, but thought, oh well. He asked for a glass of milk. The waiter seemed miffed by it, but said he would try. The waiter asked him if he would like wine with dinner and he said no. This handsome man before me said he ate no meat, no sugar or salt. I said ok. In the same breath he informed there would be no sex now or later. I was taken aback, I didn’t remember asking him or thinking about it. I said OK, the ground rules were out. When dinner arrived it was close to 9 P.M. He looked at his watch and told me he must leave. He said he must go and it was part of his training, he must get his proper sleep. He left me sitting there. He took care of the bill on the way out with the bodyguard trailing behind. I thought well, what a weird date. When I see Rocky Stallone I always think of this guy.