Not planning on that

by mnew4, Anniston, AL

We won a night and breakfast at a local luxury hotel, so we decided to use it for our anniversary. My husband had the most romantic plan! He got a babysitter, got us set up at the hotel and told me I could go to the hotel alone to get ready for the evening (he got ready at the house) and then we would meet at a classy local pub with a plan for him to “pick me up” with both of us coming in alone. He brought me the keys to the hotel room, kissed me and said, “I’ll see you later!”. I got a great outfit ready along with my favorite perfume and shower products. I drove to the hotel not actually knowing what to expect. As I opened the door, there was a wonderful aroma and light – candlelight throughout, rose pedals on the bed, wine chilling in a silver vase next to the bed and a love note! I bathed and pampered myself (a pure luxury for me then) – enjoying a glass of wine, soft music, candlelight, smells, and myself. All dressed and ready to go, I left the hotel. As I drove myself to the pub, I felt my heart flutter. I was nervous as hell! I had never been to a pub, bar or nightclub alone in my life! As I entered, I looked around and saw men looking at me, so I knew I looked nice. I finally saw my wonderful husband sitting at the bar next to a friend of his. As I saw him, he also saw me. He turned around and said, “HEY!, look who’s here!” as he pointed to his friend! OH! MAN! what a let down, but what could he have done nor what could I have done?! It didn’t turn out exactly as we had planned, but it WAS an anniversary that I will ALWAYS remember!