That’s not you!

by dallan, norcross, GA

We had family game night at our house and I had told my girlfriend’s sister that I was going to propose that night and she needed to keep her busy so I could speak to her father. Apparently in my absence my girlfriend asked where I was and her sister answered, “Talking privately to Daddy,” and giggled which of course fired off all kinds of red flags to my girlfriend. I was going to propose to her in our hot tub. She knew and was all smug. I mean she put on make-up for the hot tub and was all smiley the whole time. I could tell she knew about it so I decided it wasn’t time. I wrapped the ring in my towel so she wouldn’t see it, went inside and went to bed. The next morning I took a shower and hadn’t dried my back well enough. Unfortunately my girlfriend picked up the towel with the ring in it and came towards me and started drying my back. By some miracle the ring didn’t fall out until….I realized what towel she was using and snatched it away. The ring went flying out and she saw it! I did the first thing that came to mind. The thing that any man would do. I kicked it under the bed yelling, “That’s not for you! that’s not for you!” My girlfriend finished putting on her makeup with a big smile on her face looking in the mirror to see the ring. I took the ring and packed it away and told her that we’d now have to wait another year so I could surprise her again. She was very upset about that. We went out to lunch at Hops and I snuck the ring in with me and proposed there. My wife and I now have two kids and are happier then ever and love our crazy proposal story.