The big catch

by thomasjc, Summerville, SC

Not so long ago, I was a young guy out looking for a great catch. Desperate for attention and some loving affection I agreed to go on a blind date with my best-friend’s girlfriend’s friend.

This wasn’t any ordinary date, I had agreed to take this gal to prom–remember–I was young and desperate. Being a freshman in college we drove up to meet the girls before the big day. Nervous and ready to see what I had agreed to I showed up at her house ready to claim my prize. As soon as the door opened I was blown away by the sheer size of her…I finally realized that I was duped.

However being the nice person that I am I went through with the prom plans and somehow I felt sorry for her and I couldn�t leave. Let�s just put it this way, I stuck around way too long with this portly beauty, but eventually saw the light in a not so good kind of way.