The ‘turkey’ who bailed on me for Thanksgiving

by ketsil, Lower Burrell, PA

I think I must be dating the most insensitive jerk on the planet! I was in a terrible car accident on Thanksgiving morning on the way to my mom’s. I was going to help prepare a meal for him because I know how much my sweetie loves to eat! I never made it. I swerved to miss a deer and hit a telephone pole. My jeep is totaled. I spent the morning in the ER with my mom. I have 9 stitches in my lip, several facial fractures, a crushed nasal cavity, a black eye, seven cracked ribs, and lots of other cuts and bruises. I am in horrible pain. I can barely walk because of leg injuries and head injuries that make me dizzy. I can’t swallow so I cannot eat. Later in the day, my neighbor brought over a huge platter with a complete dinner for both of us. He sat here and ate it all right in front of me. My mom called and told him she made me chicken soup and asked him to come and get it. He told her no, it was OK, that the neighbor brought over food! I guess just as long as he could eat, that was all that mattered. And to top this off, on Friday morning he decided to tell me he is going to camp with the guys!!! I was utterly amazed at his lack of compassion. I cannot believe he actually went and left me here alone to fend for myself in this condition. Wow, it must really be love. Happy Thanksgiving to me!!! What an idiot.