Turkey stuffed

by susseess, Interlachen, FL

My new boyfriend took me out on Thanksgiving Day as we were both rather new in town and couldn’t spend it with our families. He found a great restaurant that was open on Thanksgiving and we were served a grand feast. After dinner we were overstuffed and I unobtrusively unbuttoned my skirt in the car. We decided a little exercise might be good after all that food and we would take a walk through Grant Park. We were lucky to find a good parking space near the center of everything or as close as you can get anyway. I jumped out of the car slamming the locked car door in the process. However my unbuttoned skirt had also let the zipper release and I was standing on the sidewalk with my skirt around my ankles and no way to retreat to the car. Heads began to turn and I tried to nonchalantly raise my skirt back up from the ground and fasten it quickly. Just a little too much attention for him, I guess, as he never called for another date.