The two-faced turkey (or does that make him a pig?)

by schnoodle, highland village, TX

This Thanksgiving we were supposed to be in St. Lucia renewing our wedding vows. He’d “vowed” to renew them because the last two years had been marred with little hints of infidelity – all of which he denied. We thought this would be a good way to start anew. The only problem was, it was just another show for him. After discovering yet another email to a female complaining about me, we realized the marriage had to end. Even before the petition had been filed, he’d ramped up his dating profile and away he went. About a month later, I decided to snoop around one of his favorite web dating sites. Sure enough, there he was, or rather his newly created persona. So, I created one of my very own and soon we were emailing and instant messaging each other. Eventually he confessed to “me” that he’d been unfaithful to ME. Something he’d steadfastly denied during the marriage. Eventually he asked to meet me. As fate would have it – we were divorced that morning. My first date as a single women was my EX HUSBAND. So on our “date” I strolled in with the divorce decree in hand – to a rather stunned looking TURKEY of a man.