Vegas, Baby!

by pjmart1, Phoenix, AZ

When you marry at 18 and stay married, you have few dating stories, so I am sharing one I was involved in. My daughter and I decided to celebrate her turning 21 by going to Las Vegas. She asked if her boyfriend, Carlos, could tag along. Sure! Why not?

Since we were not “frequent flyers” of the Vegas scene, we looked for information about the hotel prices in our Sunday newspaper. After what seemed like a good deal, we called and booked a stay. When we arrived, we found why the price was so right! It was at the opposite end of the more popular casinos, at the time! Being a very frugal person, I decided we could walk to the places we wanted to see. The lights of Vegas are very deceiving! What looked close…was not. After a very full day of walking to and fro, we were exhausted, to say the least. We decided rest was way more appropriate than eating and immediately crashed. Carlos to his room, next door, and my daughter and I in ours, pulled on jammies and were “out” in minutes.

Minutes later the fire alarm blared in our rooms. Being a seasoned traveler in my career, I jumped up and yelled for my daughter to get her shoes on and lets go. I grabbed the door key and pounded on Carlos’ door and yelled for him to get out. I could hear my daughter calling out, Mom over and over again. I just kept telling them to “follow me.” After stepping out the back exit into the Vegas lights, Carlos came running up to me, as I began to notice people were staring in our direction. I thought it was because we were in pajamas and I ignored them, happy that my daughter, myself and Carlos were out of danger. I was partially right, about the reason they were staring. Carlos, very calmly pointed out that my left breast was flapping in the wind…I had taken my most comfortable gown with me that was quite old and had very large sleeve holes. I calmly tucked my breast back into my gown and stood all alone, as my daughter and her boyfriend were placing proper distance between the exhibitionist and themselves!

We went back to Vegas the next year for my daughter and Carlos’ wedding. But we did not stay at that hotel…and the gown had vanished when we got home. After 15 years of marriage, Carlos tells a different version of “why buy the cow, when the milk is free.” It’s a good thing I like that boy.