Wedding day

by irish51, Biloxi, MS

I had more or less given up on romance after ending a five-year relationship and also ending up with a broken heart. My friends finally convinced me to go on a blind date, which of course meant I should have my head examined. My date turned out to be someone I really became attracted to, and after five dates and hours and hours of conversation felt that this could be the one!

On the 6th date he told me we were going somewhere very special and that I should dress up. Okay, I was living in another world and did the whole makeover thing including an outfit which would knock him off his feet. He came to pick me up and looked like something out of a fashion magazine.

As we were driving to this special place he was singing and looked as if he was the happiest man on the planet. We stopped at a church and he parked the car. I thought “he is going to propose or maybe wants a church elopement!” We walked into the church and there were pews full of people. I realized that this was a wedding.

Just as he sat me down the wedding march began to play and the most beautiful woman I had ever seen walked down the aisle in her wedding gown. My date began to cry and actually begged her to come back to him! I kid you not, he actually got on his ragged knees and began to sob. I seriously thought about grabbing a bible in the pew in front of me and decking him with it but instead kept my dignity and pride and walked out of the church. That was a year ago and it will be another year until I decide to try romance again.