My worst Christmas ever

by pinkyaz, Phoenix, AZ

I met Mr. Right (yeah right!) online about ten years ago. I had been through a divorce, was vulnerable, and here was a man who said everything I want to hear. Oh boy, he was good at it. I just didn’t know how good. We talked for months online and over the phone. We lived across country and he asked if I would fly to spend Christmas with him. He wanted me to meet his family. I was prepared for the most romantic and exciting weekend of my life, even thinking I would get a ring. Hmmm, now I wonder if the other two women who showed up thought the same thing!

Yes, you heard correctly. He had also invited another two with the same promises of love. We showed up at his mom’s house for dinner almost at the same time. He turned out to be 22 years old, and he had said he was 42. I think everything he said must have been about his dad, who was very charming indeed. After his mom almost died of shock, the three of us ladies went back to the hotel to actually eat and compare stories. Our 42-year old was a 22-year old marine who still lived in the same room he grew up in and was totally addicted to internet chatting. He had met many women online, and from what I last heard, had finally married one of them.

I finally did meet my own Mr. Right five years ago at church and we have been together ever since. Now he “is” my romance story!

I can sit back and laugh about this story now, but at the time it was devastating. Beware of internet guys; your own Mr. Right may be just around the corner or down the street.