Erotica News: Creature Fantasy Controversy

By Nicole,

Shrek. The Little Mermaid. Beauty and the Beast. Gods and humans in Greek mythology.Various cylon / human relationships on Battle Star Galactica. Even the new movie Her deals with a human / non-human love affair. Half of these are child friendly despite the fact that these stories take unassuming and charming characters not of the same species and then laces in true love; as long as the lovebirds look alike in the end all is well. But what happens when we throw blatantly explicit S-E-X into the mix? Add to that something that doesn’t look quite like us – maybe even ugly – maybe even an animal? Suddenly our moral radars are going off like crazy! The outrage! These are blurred lines if I ever saw them. Even the poor dinosaurs are mixed up in this too. Not humanoid dinosaurs, just dinosaurs that like to do it with humans. My reaction is gross, but apparently not everybody shares the same sentiment as me.

A noticeable portion of America is going bananas for “cyptozoological erotica,” featuring beings like mythical creatures, aliens, and robots. The common denominator? They all have sex with humans. Sasquatch (Bigfoot), Werewolves, and Frankenstein are among the top characters. According to The Daily Beast, Amazon is cracking down on bestial erotica and other less savory topics. Author Virginia Wade reportedly earns up to $30,000 a month on her Cum For Bigfoot Series:
It was only recently, after The Kernel published an article on the ubiquity of “rape fantasies, incest porn and graphic descriptions of bestiality and child abuse” in smut sold on that the online giant more rigorously vetted content.
The crackdown led to the disappearance of more than half of Wade’s ebooks on Amazon and similar sites. Only when she changed the title of her most successful series from Cum For Bigfoot to Moan For Bigfoot did her books reappear on Amazon—though only when searched for.

The Kernal article cites titles like Virgin Raped by Intruder and Fucked by Her Dog, Daddy, No! (Taking His Stepdaughter’s Virginity) and Bad Daddy! A Rough and Reluctant Virgin Sex Encounter Between ‘Daddy’ and Daughter. It sickens me to think these things have gone uncensored, but I wondered, how does Wade, the one garnering the most media attention out of this fiasco, really connect with these awful titles? I downloaded the free short story Moan for Bigfoot in the name of research. Spoiler alert — girl minors on a co-ed camping trip are kidnaped then raped by Bigfoot (of course they secretly like it) and the clan of Bigfoots keep them to be their brood mares. So Bigfoot is some kind of human mutation as he can reproduce with humans. Weird, but not so bad right? Unfortunately for Wade, she has the extra problems of the rape and kidnap fantasies. Would she be censored as much without? If Wade can’t create a world where Bigfoot is a weird human genetic mutation and have sex with other humans in erotic novels — watch out aliens and robots! It begs the question, how far will Amazon take this censorship and what does it mean for authors and publishers who have been taking advantage of the more illicit fantasies of others?

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