Friday Referrals

By Devon Kellogg,

Following Smart Bitch Sarah’s lead, I took a look at our search referrals in the tracking software.

ask girlfriend threesome and open marriage and lesbian girls kissing: I have to wonder, since these terms were juxtaposed, if they are all from the same person. So, he wants some advice on asking his girlfriend to join him in a threesome. He figures, based on what he reads, that it’s too risky. So, what about the possibility of an open marriage, just in case this monogamous relationship goes one step further? Realizing that he won’t be seeing any marriage if he asks for an open one, he searches for some hot girl-on-girl action, so at least he can live out his fantasies vicariously.

love and human remains: Eeek!

beautiful breast: You’ll find plenty of those on our site. Just don’t expect any nipple action. We like to keep things tasteful around here.

most sensual zodiac sign: That would be Leo. Just ask one. They’ll tell you all about it.

seduce women: If you’re searching the internet for this advice, chances are you won’t be too good at it, anyway.

bras oprah recommends: This would be someone searching for Oprah’s bra of the month club.