Have you seen this man?

By Tony Neale,

How Not to Query #2
A hand-written query came in by fax recently. The writer informed me that he had a manuscript that was an action-adventure, mystery, terrorist plot with humor. If I were interested he would forward it to me. Even if we did publish manuscripts there was one problem with this query, I didn’t know his name. The query was signed, but the signature was illegible. All I really had to go on was the sketch of his head—I’m assuming that it is his head—that he’d drawn at the bottom of the page. Yes, there was an address and two phone numbers, but how do I start the letter or the conversation? It’s like talking to the artist formerly known as Prince! Can I speak to Mr…well he has a wispy comb over and he wears glass…

Just a thought, if you send a query then make it easy for us to contact you.