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By Nicole,

Bill De Blasio was elected as New York City’s mayor in a landslide victory marking New York City’s progressive vision for the future. Being of German-Italian decent, one of the appealing aspects of De Blasio to New York City’s diverse public is that he is married to African American, Chirlane McCray, activist and poet. Thankfully we are in a time and place where blended relationships can be celebrated. It’s odd, however, much of main stream romance does not reflect the eclectic blending that is happening all around us including many high-profile couples: Kim Kardashian / Kanye West, formerly married Heidi Klum / Seal, Ryan Gosling / Eva Mendez, Kelly Ripa / Mark Consuelos, and Iman / David Bowie to name a few. Today we would like to take a moment and highlight some of graphic romances that contain flavor twists!

Somewhere in Jamaica lives a woman who stands between Cochlan Stuart, billionaire laird, and his dream of building an exclusive resort on his ancestral Scottish estate. Cochlan travels to the tropical island with every intention of persuading her to remove herself as an obstacle….
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Blond, blue-eyed Texan, Samantha is in Egypt to buy artifacts for an Austin museum—and heal a broken heart—when she meets dark and handsome Egyptian, Cyril Dass. He is equally attracted and soon the romances between them becomes passionate and hot. But Samantha’s secret plan to acquire a forbidden Egyptian artifact soon ignites a dangerous side to her lover.
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In 20 years of marriage to Mirabella, Duke Diego Sanchez, special envoy to the U.S., has never even looked at another woman. How then can he explain his sudden sexual yearnings for their passionate neighbor and Mirabella’s dearest friend, Dr. Eva Brinkman? And how can he come to terms with this desire in the face of the mortal illness of his wife?

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Pairs skating is exhilarating—and dangerous. When June O’Hare suffers a terrible fall during a complicated jump, her angry partner—who may indeed have deliberately caused the fall–deserts her. After weeks of rehab, she’s back on the ice—alone, and wondering if the Olympic gold will ever be hers. She needs a partner. So does Caden Bae, Canada’s skating sensation…
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Fern is finally taking her dream vacation—a cruise across the Atlantic and a tour of Europe. A friend teases her about meeting all those sexy European men, and to Fern’s amazement, she does meet a sexy, handsome Spaniard, named Carlos, the very day her ship sets sail! And even more amazing, their shipboard romance blossoms into something greater than passion, something that speaks of family and forever, but are there secrets that could tear them apart forever?
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