How Losers Are Causing Spam

By Devon Kellogg,

Our webmaster is away on vacation, so the spam bots have been having free reign over on the MyRomanceStory discusion board.

The interesting thing about all this spam is that it is 90 percent porn, most of it excessively lurid by today’s standards. Another 9 percent is herbal remedies for priapic inadequacies or sexual enhancers. And the last 1 percent is loans and other scams.

So, the question is, who the hell would actually click on any of these ads and utilize their services that make spamming profitable?

Losers. That’s who. This would be the guy who has a serious case of the fuglies, and he has the charm of an IRS audit. His romantic life revolves entirely around, and he’s dumb enough to believe a pill will increase the length of his member. And because these people are out there, crawling through the internet and consuming these services, spammers have an interest in blasting the web with their links.

In turn, we here at MyRomanceStory have to spend our time removing spam from our board. And when our webmaster is away, the board becomes unusable. It’s gotten so bad, we’re most likely going to have to remove the message board.

Thanks, losers, for spoiling the discussion.