How Private Are Your Privates?

By Tony Neale,

Maryland has recently passed a law making it illegal to secretly take photographs up a woman’s skirt or down her blouse. There already was a law on the books protecting people from being videotaped in private places. Del. Neil F. Quinter (D-District 13) of Columbia, MD, who originally sponsored the bill two years ago said, “I believe that up women’s skirts and down their blouses are private places, too.”

Ya’ think! Certainly no criticism of Delegate Quinter for stating the obvious, but shouldn’t this issue been addressed a long time ago?

Here’s another law to regulate aberrant behavior…

When I first read this I thought there had been a typo, but a co-worker provided some background. There is now a law banning the shooting or killing of birds or animals in the state (Maryland) with a gun or other device operated or accessed over the Internet. It seems with your computer and mouse you can operate another computer, a camera and a gun thousands of miles away to kill something. Is that supposed to be fun? Did these guys run out of blouses to look down?

As a man who has done neither of these things, I’m still compelled to say, “Sorry”.