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Love Potion 1: Make Him Mine (Romance Graphic Novel)

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By: Gail Hamilton Artist: Dave Hillman



Nancy, a loser at love, has long given up hope of finding a soul mate. Until she enlists in a clinical trial for a new druga ‘relationship enhancer.Ââ€

She takes her first doseand lo and behold soon there’s a man in her life! Sweet, shy, sexy Jason.

Love blooms, and Nancy has never felt so happy. Then disaster strikes, and she wishes she never took a love potion.

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(3 customer reviews)
Publisher Arrow Publications
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3 reviews for Love Potion 1: Make Him Mine (Romance Graphic Novel)

  1. a. jameson

    Nancy and Jason are a match made in a love potion. Or are they? After all, he developed the potion just to attract ANOTHER woman. This rom-com is a real happy-ever-after romance. First of a series.

  2. Kay Akrasah

    funny but romantic

  3. Kwame Frimpong

    True fantasy romance. Hei, wouldn’t mind a shot of this potion.

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