Romance Graphic Novel

Love’s Redemption (Romance Graphic Novel)

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By: Niambi Brown Davis Artist: Enzo Pertile



Anita Webber just passed her bar exams. In celebration, she is vacationing in the Virgin Islands, a trip that is a gift from her aunt. There she finally meets the man of her dreams—suave, handsome, successful entrepreneur, Jeffrey Cole. The six foot hunk treats her tenderly and makes love to her passionately in the warm tropical nights. But after suffering one heartbreak, Anita vows to go slow with this new man in her life. Feeling as if his heart is in a vice, Jeffrey struggles to overcome Anita’s emotional reticence, even though he fears that the secrets he’s keeping from her could not only devastate her but endanger her beloved aunt.

This romance graphic novel is written by Niambi Brown Davis and illustrated by Enzo Pertile. The PDF version is formatted using the original full color 12.5×7.5 inch pages and is best viewed on a computer.

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