Romance Graphic Novel

Master of Fusion (Romance Graphic Novel)

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By: Deborah Davis Artist: Italo Ahumada



When Daniel Forster, celebrity chef at Shelley’s new restaurant, applies his skills to food, the result is tantalizing and delicious. When he applies his skills to seduction, the results are equally sublime. Shelley, however, has a rule—no dating the staff. Yet both are helpless to resist the pulse between them, and the heat they generate is enough to bake the chocolate-dipped rhubarb tart Daniel is famous for. But someone is trying to sabotage the restaurant, and Daniel is the prime suspect…

This romance graphic novel is written by Deborah Davis and illustrated by Italo Ahumada. The PDF version is formatted using the original full color 12.5×7.5 inch pages and is best viewed on a computer.

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Publisher Arrow Publications
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