The Good and The Bad – They’re all Real Life Romance Stories!

My soul mate

by larsonkimberley, Cypress, TX
I met my soul mate at a party when I was 14 years old. We instantly connected and fell in love. We dated and saw each other every day. The day before our nine-year anniversary, he proposed to me. We w…
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Alaskan women know what they want

by jm, Buffalo, NY
I had moved to Alaska in 1991 not knowing what every man should know, there are at least ten men for every woman there. A popular saying with the men is "You don't lose out, you lose your turn." A pop…
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The homecoming

by lisafaz, Hendersonville, NC
I met Wayne when I was 19 and he was 21, way back in the '80's. We dated, lived together, fought, but loved each other for nine years. On his thirtieth birthday, I looked at him and thought, "He will …
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Full circle

by liljo, port jefferson station, NY
It was an ice skating park that I met Joe. I was 13 years old, he was 14. Even though we were young, our eyes burned into each others. Puppy crush is what it really was. We lived about 3 miles away fr…
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Loving eternally

by MB, , AL
A love so divine is this man of mine. We have been a love story that is written until eternity kisses us to a forever sleep to wake one day in the presence of the King. We met some 22 years ago…
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Cupid’s mission

by abbygirl, Greenville, RI
Cupid's missiles off'times assume forms Decidedly different, quite "out of the norm." An unwary target, one fateful summer's day. was struck while sleeping, as on the sand he lay. Not by a…
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The big surprise

by OSUcowboyfan, Edmond, OK
Barb and I were "non-traditional" college students at Oklahoma State University when we met. We had been dating a couple of years, when we planned an adults-only getaway weekend trip to Oklahoma City …
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We are that couple…

by MarilynMcF, Lakeside, CA
Jim had let Marilyn know of his intentions in February and took her shopping in San Diego for an engagement ring. Jim, proper gentleman he is, met with Marilyn's father and oldest son to have "the tal…
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Good luck double rainbows

by elainebeck, Cambridge, ON
My boyfriend and I had had a rocky relationship because we were in a long-distance relationship. This was the second time we had broken up. Both of us were feeling lonely and I decided to visit him. O…
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Gold band

by Coolcat, Sandy, UT
50 years ago on our weddin� day As we looked into each others eyes An she held a flower bouquet I remember lookin� down at the gold band that gently graced her hand an hoped we would always b…
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