10 year anniversary

by ajevy, Grand Prairie, TX

A few weeks before our 10th anniversary, my beautiful husband, Jeff, and I took a long weekend trip to Destin, FL (just a quick getaway from the three kids!) We spent a wonderful, relaxing day on the beach and were heading to the hotel to clean up for our dinner reservations. Jeff mentioned that we had “some time to kill” so he suggested we grab some wine and watch the waves roll in. He popped into a local grocery store and came out with a small grocery bag.

We found a parking spot near the beach just as it began to rain! Jeff persisted that we go to the beach anyway. I, being a bit dense, told him “no it’s raining!” He pulled out a bottle of champagne and two plastic flutes. We made a simple toast to our ten terrific years together.

Jeff asked again if I would like to pop down to the beach. I finally agreed, despite the rain. He led me to a spot under some stairs, with a great view of the ocean. It was dusk and with the sound of crashing waves my husband got down on one knee and handed me a piece of paper and a small box. I opened the paper and read the most perfect poem. He wrote it himself! The final line of the poem asked me to “be his wife all over again.”

In the bow was a diamond anniversary band. After wiping the tears and taking in the situation, Jeff proceeded to tell me that he has already made all of the arrangements. On our anniversary we were on a cruise ship, with our family, having a lovely champagne, appetizers, and cake celebration. We renewed our vows with the ship’s Captain. It was one of the most perfect days ever!