315 Million most romantic moments: rescued by a nice guy with a big heart

by DonnaKumpula, Negaunee, MI

I endured a 20 year abusive marriage that included my husband�s conviction on domestic violence charges for throwing me from a moving pickup truck.
My tricky ex-husband carefully plotted our divorce by not paying many bills (including property taxes) leaving myself and three children homeless.
But it all has turned into a ten-year amazing love story or 315 million Most Romantic Moments if counted in seconds.

You see, an old friend stopped by one of my numerous part-time jobs at a local convenience store while he was en route to go brook trout fishing.
What followed was a decade-long relationship that I never thought would happen after all those years of misery.

He is always surprising me with flowers, candy, or a simple love note. My three children love him and he loves them as if they were his biological kids.
We (plus children) go to movies, fishing, camping, skydiving, hiking and never ever drink alcohol. He loves my children and they love him.

We�re not rich in financial terms, but we�re wealthy when it comes to love, respect and happiness..
We�re (plus dog and cat) very happy and will be married once we can afford a proper wedding.
Anyone who thinks they are too old to find true love–remember it may be just around the corner and may happen when you least suspect it–even during a hard day at work.