A chocolate surprise

by mamma, Boisbriand, QC

My hubby is not exactly the most suave, romantic guy. And to be honest, gift-giving has not been his best event. He just doesn’t think that way. But on our anniversary last year he really knocked my socks off.

I came home from helping a friend, a little tired and disgruntled, and my hubby had poured a bath and lit some candles for me and had a glass of wine on the edge of the tub. I didn’t argue and just enjoyed! But when I got out he blindfolded me and brought me downstairs and made me sit. He proceeded to feed me bits of fruit dipped in melted chocolate! When he did take off the blindfold, I saw he had lit dozens of candles and had a whole chocolate fondue prepared. It was very romantic, and I still think of it whenever I eat chocolate!!!