A spiritual destiny

by j courtoreille, grande prairie, AB

We have been a love story that is written one day at a time.

We met some 12 years ago at a treatment center in Edmonton. We went on separate journeys not long after treatment. Later we met on a bus in Edmonton at a time when we were both struggling to find a new hope, make ends meet, and a new future. Little did we know that the treatment center experience and bus ride that day would take us on a forever journey. Who would have guessed that one day we would meet at a time we were desperately searching for some answers in our life.

We have walked together in marriage and love for going on ten years. But have been together for about 12 years now. At times, we have endured many trials and many tests, but the endurance of the love we have for each other has carried us on through thick and thin times. I am a mother of two children that are so dear and wonderful to us. The love we have is unique and rare.

This man is truly the love of my life, the one I dream with, laugh, cry with, the one I live with, and the one I love.

This man proposed in the most wonderful way on Valentine�s Day. He brought me to the local shopping mall for dinner at a restaurant on our minuscule budget at the time. Then took me into the mall with the most wonderful energy in his steps I have ever seen and picked out a ring with me and proposed right there in the store.

He is a great husband, father, friend, and lover. He is a man that has so many rare qualities and talents that I am blessed to have him for my husband. We treasure that bus ride and treatment experience. Not many women or people find their soul mate, but I am thankful for every day we share together.

The day we met at the treatment center and knew there was something there, we were practicing cultural dance with drumming and dancing and as this happened we saw a huge eagle fly down from the sky in the rain, and with the sun shining the eagle looked golden. A mystical thing, an unexplainable thing, it was like a message from above saying you’re bound together forever through a spiritual destiny that has been going on since the beginning of time.

Since then, it has been a destiny fulfilled with love and stronger than any up or down one can have�