Across the pond

by Suzi Hushen, Stratford, ON

When we met in 1998, it was destiny. I know that sounds crazy, but how else would an Englishman on holiday sweep a Canadian girl off her feet? After a whirlwind romance, my beloved had to return home and my heart was broken. I truly believed I would never see him again. I am thankful that I was wrong.

Through phone calls, emails and visits to Canada over the next two years, our love blossomed until we decided to go to Las Vegas and get married. Alas, again he had to return to England and we spent the next few years of married life in a transcontinental relationship. Throughout our struggles, living in two different countries, I never doubted our relationship would last as I cried myself to sleep on more nights than I care to remember!

Now, almost seven years later, we are finally together. I love him more each day and know, having faced these challenges, we truly are destined to be together!