An early proposal

by rhonda, Madison, AL

My boyfriend, Peter, and I had been dating for six month. It was May and he had been acting strangely for several weeks. We were sitting in a cafeteria, a very unromantic spot. Finally, becoming upset at his secretive behavior, I said “Tell me whats up, now!” Where he told me he had called my father and asked for my hand and marriage. He then proceeded to propose to me in the cafeteria, without so much as a ring. I was thrilled to be engaged, but desperately wanted a ring. He was upset that the proposal had been so unromantic. So, after having traveled separately to two different states, for two weeks, we met up in Alaska. It was June and I picked him up from the airport. We were both to work on the Kenai Peninsula for the summer. That evening we went on a hike up a mountain, it was very late in the evening, but the sun was still shining bright. Upon arriving at the top, Peter got down on one knee and proposed, with ring and all, to me. It was a moment I will never forget!