The big surprise a stolen car

by lynnbeanie, ottawa, PE

My boyfriend and I were going through some hard times when we woke up to find our car stolen. My boyfriend said he already called the police and it was taking care of, needless to say there was a big surprise waiting later that night. He took me for a drive in my dad’s car–talk about being 16 again–anyway, there was a hot air balloon ride waiting he said that was his special surprise. Inside was champagne, strawberries, and chocolate. In the balloon he said do not look down. Over the beach he said look down. To my surprise there was a great big heart in the sand with rose petals everywhere on the ground with big huge letters spelling out, will you marry me. Out popped a diamond ring. He then confessed that he sold the car–his dream car a ’74 Mustang. I said that was your baby, why? He looked and said well you are my baby now. I never cried so much in my entire life. We landed in front of our entire family. It was an incredible moment.

At our wedding he sung a handwritten song called you are my baby and when we had our first child he changed the song and now it’s you are my babies my love my life. I will always love you forever and ever.

I cry as I write this. I love him very much. Thank you for letting me share.