Do I know you?

by Louisa, Moosup, CT

I met my love on a cold day in December and the moment we met it was warm and cozy for many years. It took us 15 years of tender love and warmth to finally marry. I knew then that there was not another love that could ever fill my heart as he did. We chose not to marry right away for many reasons. First, we wanted only our love of friendship to blossom. Second, we decided to just hold on to each other without a signed document that said you may need to. With those two most important parts of our lives, our love became binding we shared like no other we had ever met. My love is no longer with me due to a fight we tried to win but lost. Yes it was cancer and it broke us apart so I live with only a half a heart. As half of my heart went with him that day and will never become whole again. I carry him wherever I go. Even today after many many years of wonderful love it can never return to me.

When we first met we knew that for us it would always be just us and no other, somehow the heart knows this and it helped us both in our committed relationship of trust, communication and love. My love was the man who played in the snow with me and warmed me with hot chocolate when we laughed and ran inside from the cold. He was also there when our children needed him no matter what. He was there when I lost my parents and some dear friends. I never had to ask or seek help from others, my love always new when I needed him and that is and was my true love. My love may be gone for now but I go on with a filled heart of hope of seeing him again at a different time and then–and only then–will I have a full heart of love.