Do I know you?

by britt, Killen, AL

Don’t I know you from somewhere? These are the first words my (now husband) ever said to me. I answered no. And he stumbled over his words to ask me to come talk to him. I did and we talked for at least three hours. He then decided he would be smooth and asked me to shoot pool with him. I agreed and went to my car to grab my pool cue. His mouth dropped. He did not win a game of pool for three months. However, he did wow me on our first date.

He picked me up at my mom’s house…He had already met my mother. He brought me flowers, a card, and a stuffed animal. We went to a nice restaurant and then we went to an overlook of the city. He pulled out two wine glasses, and some mini bottles of wine. He then gave me a candle and told me that I light up his life. From that night to now, five years later, he is still a hopeless romantic. He has made me dinner with rose petals leading the way to the table. He gave me seven roses with a note tied to each about why he loved me. If it is romantic, he has done it for me. He is my husband and my whole world. My romantic story is my life.