First meeting

by dallasnaz, york, PA

My husband and I met on a singles web site. After three months of exciting emails (every time I hear that “you got mail” thing it takes me back to that time) and long getting to know each other phone conversations, I needed to meet this unbelievably wonderful man in person. The suspense and my overactive, hopelessly romantic imagination made the flight from North Carolina to Texas seem like and eternity.

At last I deplaned and searched the waiting crowd for the mysterious man of those dreamy emails. There he was, all smiles and wondering what he was getting into. From the moment we met it was like we had known each other for ever, an immediate sense of ease. He whisked me away to share some of his favorite sites and then on to a wonderful candlelit dinner. After the delicious meal he said that there was something he wanted to show me.

From there we went to a lake on the outskirts of the city and he parked the car so that I could enjoy the most spectacular view of Dallas possible. The reflection of the high-rise buildings from downtown Dallas was unbelievably gorgeous. Just being there in his tender but protective arms watching the lights dance on the water in the warm breeze was the most romantic moment I’ve ever experienced. Every time I think of that moment it warms me all over and makes me smile. That was almost nine years ago and we are still sharing many romantic moments.