The first time I saw her face

by James, Lexington, AL

I had been writing to a wonderful lady for three to four months. She just seemed to be too good to be true. I could not fathom that God would bless me so much. I had decided that her voice must be very deep or something.

The first time I called her I heard a soft sweet feminine voice that melted my heart. But this phone call was just the beginning. I lived in Alabama and she in Texas. We planned to meet in July. We had photographs of each other, but her photo did not prepare me for the meeting.

When I saw her for the first time I was totally starstruck. Here was a beautiful six foot tall goddess. She was slender and trim; she looked just like she had stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine. Her large brown eyes melted my heart all the way to the soul. Her reddish, blondish, brown hair was angelic – as if God had painted it Himself. Within her smile was peace, warmth, comfort, and a friendship like I had never known. The first time we kissed I thought my heart would surely fail me. I had met the love of my life. I would never be the same.

I would have asked her to marry me then, but I was afraid she would say no. I did ask her a short time later. She said yes and I have had almost 25 years of heaven on Earth. Two children and many trials later, we are still honeymooning, and I don’t believe the honeymoon will ever end. We are more than husband and wife; we are lovers, best friends, and soulmates forever!