The goat may have stolen the thunder but not the ring

by Blissfull, Guelph, ON

My boyfriend wanted the moment to be just perfect. We had been together for six years and had a three-year old child together. We were headed to Alberta on vacation. He secretly packed the ring in his carry-on bag, (unbeknownst to me) he nervously whispered to the baggage inspector what was inside.

Once in Alberta we traveled by gondola to the top of the mountain. The view was breathtaking. We then hiked another 20 minutes to the peak, so he could have his special moment in private, only to find it completely packed with tourists. He got down on one knee, professed his love and asked me to be his wife and share his life. Before I could say yes my daughter dropped her soother off the peak of the mountain and started screaming because a mountain goat had run off with it in its mouth. My boyfriend exclaimed, “that goat just stole her soother and my thunder.” So with a quick I will and a kiss, I tended to our daughter. Once she was calm we asked the first tourist we saw to take our picture. She had the largest telephoto lens we had ever seen. Ours was point and click–no problem we thought. Wrong. Before I noticed she had turned the camera around backwards and taken a picture of her own eye. Once the stars she was seeing had cleared and our tears from laughing so hard had dried up, she took another one. Even though the day went completely opposite to how it was planned out, it was filled but nothing but laughter and love and I wouldn’t change it for the world.