Happiness is right next to you!!

by San, St. John's, NF

I was 30 and a single mom of a three-year old. He was 22… so young!! He came to work at my office and quietly pursued me for about a year, but I was definitely not interested in dating a younger man…especially someone eight years my junior! Then one day in October he invited my son and I out for Chinese food. I thought, “Well now, that’s a nice gesture, to invite us both.” Not something that happened often! The three of us went for dinner, my son fell asleep while eating his chicken nuggets, and before the check arrived I had fallen hopelessly in love!!

When the waitress brought our fortune cookies, he blushed as he read his, “Look no further, for happiness is right next to you!” (TRUE STORY). We were married about a year later, that was 13 wonderful years ago. I think Cupid must have been having Chinese that night, too!!