His love and his soul

by Edie, Port Perry, ON

Six years ago I went to a psychic who said “You are in an abusive relationship and need to get out. You will meet a man who will be everything you ever dreamed of; your night in shinning armor!” The lady left, went in her car, and actually came back in to give me a hug and tell me “You have to listen to me. What I see for you is so incredible. Don’t be afraid.”

I left my husband and six years later our sisters set us up at a Christmas party and I met this wonderful guy. We ended up talking that night and every night after. Each day we began to trust and fell deeply in love. He was everything I ever dreamed of. I knew I’d found my soul mate.

A year later we were invited to the same Christmas party. On December 17, 2005, my honey picked me up on a cold, crisp evening. I was all dressed up and he told me we had to go somewhere first and that I had to put on his big winter boots. We trudged through the snow to our favorite park bench down by the lake in Port Perry. It was a clear night with a beautiful full moon and stars sparkling everywhere. He told me this was the spot he first told me he loved me and that since he had met me he had never been happier. He said many beautiful things about the two of us and how special our relationship was. He placed a gorgeous diamond ring on my finger, got down on one knee in the snow and asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. With tears of joy running down my face, I said I would be honored to be his wife.

We went to the Christmas party both beaming from ear to ear. All night, people were coming up to us saying “hey, aren’t you the guys that met at the party last year?” and we would say “yes, and tonight we got engaged!”

I’ve dedicated this poem to him because we have both finally been able to let go of the past and open up and trust each other to allow this new and special love to begin.

His Love and His Soul

As he held me close
He looked into my eyes
Gazing deeply and intense
Body connecting in every sense
I felt it all
In that moment
I never felt as loved as I did then
No words needed to be uttered
My entire body shuddered
He reached deep down into my being
And without whispering a word
He gave me his heart
His love and his soul